adviti consulting


We at Adviti have a very simple ideology and our name says it all : we work for equity. That’s the advantage. Hence, ADVITI. This ethos is at our core at how we do business. Finding you the right person for that oh so crucial job is what we do best. With a team that has quite a few miles on their soul, its really a no brainer as to why we are the go-to guys.

Pay us a sustenance fee to keep abreast and the rest in terms of equity, if the good times roll in, we are here for the ride, if there’s a couple of potholes down the road then that’s where we excel too.

Being a business that’s quick, agile and flexible we aren’t encumbered with the unnecessary girth of operation and tediousness usually attributed to the acquirement process. We do it efficiently, quickly and most importantly, how you want it.